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Saving for a Happy Day with SunTrust!

Time is flying. In two short weeks my daughter, Kristina, will be heading off to college. It seems like yesterday it was her first day of Kindergarten. I remember I didn't have the heart to put her on the school bus with the big kids, so I drove her to school. After about a week, SHE told me she was ready to take the school bus. Wait! She may have been ready, but I wasn't. My husband finally convinced me that she would be fine and off she went with her big brother! My son, Anthony, also assured me he would look out for his little sister. He remembered I had a tough time letting him go on the school bus too! 

Fast forward to today, and I have the same feelings I felt when they were both heading off to Kindergarten. The only thing that has changed is that the children are older. I'm happy and proud of both of them, but it doesn't make letting go any easier. I keep telling myself that I need to relax and enjoy this very proud and happy moment in our lives! These are the days that dreams are made of and we've saved a long time for these happy days!

My husband and I have always been savers! Before we had children, we were saving for our retirement and unexpected emergencies. When the children arrived, our focus changed and we began to save for college. My daughter received several generous scholarships, but it was planning for her future that has made the cost of her college education less stressful on our pocketbook.   

Our son, Anthony, is attending a local community college that offers a four year degree in his computer field. His decision was not only best for him, I'm happy too! Anthony's choice to live at home and commute is considerably less than what it will cost for Kristina's education and I don't have to call myself an empty nester - yet!  
When our children were born, my husband and I spent a couple hours to sort through our finances and start a plan to save. What we started nearly 18 years ago, has given us considerable peace of mind today. Starting a saving plan early in life is best, but even if you start later, the important thing is to get started!
Are you "saving for a rainy day?"  Since life is unpredictable, it’s important to work towards building a safety net to protect yourself in case of unexpected job changes, health issues or other unforeseen events, but you also need to live for happy days! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in saving for the rainy day, that we forget to save for what makes us happy! Is there something you’re saving for that makes you happy? Maybe some day you hope to travel? And that's where SunTrust can lend a hand. Everyone deserves the financial confidence and control to live a life well-spent.  We all should be planning for sunny days.  
SunTrust has the tools and resources to help you achieve your sunny day! They offer inspiration and motivation through advice, tips, and tools so you can live for a sunny day, rather than save for a rainy one! Whatever your needs, SunTrust has a resource center to help!

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