Style, Decor & More: J. Lo's Beauty Secrets Revealed!

J. Lo's Beauty Secrets Revealed!

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Popstar Jennifer Lopez kicked off celebrations at the Arena de Sao Paulo in Brazil for the World Cup opener! J.Lo wowed the crowd in her sparkling sequin ensemble as she entertained soccer fans before the upcoming games.

At 44 years old, Jenny looks amazing and youthful. How does she do it? In prior interviews she has always stressed the importance of staying out of the sun and using bronzers to look younger. She also emphasizes the importance of plenty of rest, eating right, and exercising - a lot! These are all great beauty tips, but we want to know the real beauty secret! What does she put on her face every morning and night?

Drumroll please....Hollywood actress Judy Greer spilled J. Lo's coveted beauty secret to! Judy told RO that J. Lo uses an expensive face cream called Crème de la Mer! Judy confesses she now uses crème de la crème's moisturizer too! While the miracle broth is quite pricey at $155 for a 1 oz jar, it is tempting nonetheless. 

Have you tried Crème de la MerIf you use it or know anyone who does, let us know how it works for you!

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  1. Love her hair. I just like her....she's beautiful and her skin is always so soft looking!!

  2. Would love to be privileged enough to spend that much on a face cream. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ahhh, La Mer! I have read a lot about this cream in my eternal quest for the fountain of youth - I'm a skeptic about pretty much all beauty treatments, but I still have fun trying them. I actually bought a teeny tiny sample of this off eBay a few years ago for a few bucks - no way would I ever be able to spend $155 on cream, it just ain't gonna happen - and I liked it just fine, but nothing stood out to me about it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. You're the first person I know of who has tried it! Yes. It is very expensive. It's nice to know what she uses though.

  4. I haven't tried it Nancy, but J. Lo does look amazing for being 44!

  5. Have never tried it, but would definately like to.

  6. Would love to try J.Lo's beauty regimen because at 44 she looks amazing! Love her zest for life!! I'm a fan of hers!

  7. I tried Creme de la Mer, it was nice but not worth the price. If I had seen amazing results I would pinch pennies to afford it, fortunately I didn't!
    (may this would be a good give the future? lol)
    You always have great give aways, thanks for the chances to win!

  8. I haven't tried it - I love the Lancome products and they are also expensive - but the fact of the matter is that when you use most products in a good routine - your skin is going to look and feel great.


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