Style, Decor & More: Carving Your Pumpkin This Weekend?

Carving Your Pumpkin This Weekend?

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If you are like me and have teenagers, you probably don't feel like carving your pumpkin.  If I do any carving at all, it would be limited to the photo below (smile)! Above are a few fun and easy ideas to get into the Halloween "spirit" (pun intended)! I especially love the house numbers! So easy!
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  1. Love the creative ideas! I'm a new follower from the Social Parade hop :)

    Amy (aka Mimi) &

  2. I think the first is my fave!

    Happy Hallowe'en---

    beachside cottage

  3. These are some very unique ideas. I love the painted pumpkin with the home address on it. Never thought to do so.


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