Style, Decor & More: Win a FREE Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss (10,000 Winners)

Win a FREE Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss (10,000 Winners)

Enter for a chance to win a FREE deluxe sample of Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss ($8.16 value) on Facebook under the “Lip Gloss Sweeps” tab. There will be 10,000 winners randomly selected. This sweepstakes ends on Monday, July 18 and you can earn extra entries by telling your friends to enter. 

Thanks, Freebies4Mom!
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  1. mmmmmmmm! lip gloss is poppin! Delish!
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    Casey Colette
    from Locomotion of Expressions.

    PS. I have a Linky, its always at the same URL
    ( ) ... it refreshes the first Wednesday of every month. There is a grab button on it (above the links!) , if you have a linky collection, will you add the link or the button, or even just add a giveaway to it? If not, no big deal. Just worth it to ask. Also I have a ton of awesome giveaways right now, if you are into those, I have 25$ GC to Frecklebox, a Boon Flo & Boon Odd Ducks (waterless & squirt-less BPA free!)giveaway, plus a book for Wild Soccer Bunch, 6 mo advertising on the blog, 2 canvases will be rewarded to loyal tweeters, and a Powercape and Vedette Giveaway , of course lots of other things coming as well! Thanks for taking the time and consideration to read all this! :) have a great day!


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