Style, Decor & More: Thursday's Inspiration! A Moroccan Candle Lantern!

Thursday's Inspiration! A Moroccan Candle Lantern!

This Thursday's Inspiration comes from Paula Jo's Clean Star Home and Garden World site.  I love the purple Moroccan Mystical Candle Lantern, shown here, for $8.44! Free ground shipping on orders over $75! The elephant ring from Tilly's is $6.99! The Morrocan Print Romper from Forever21 is $13.50.
Urban Outfitters tapestry, $39!
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  1. Thanks, I was totally surprised!! You just made my day. The purple Moroccan Lantern is one of my favorite's.

  2. Glad you like it Paula Jo!
    The lantern is gorgeous!

  3. What lovely colors and inspiration! That lantern is extremely atmospheric and awesome.

  4. Thanks for hopping by and leaving a comment Corinna!

  5. Loving your blog right now!! New follower!


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