Style, Decor & More: Forever21 Prom Dresses - Free Shipping!

Forever21 Prom Dresses - Free Shipping!

Forever21 is now offering FREE SHIPPING on certain prom dresses.  You can find them HERE!  This could be a good deal for those of you who love the store, but do not have one in your area.  We just recently had one open 20 minutes away! Yay!  The dress shown here is my favorite and is $32.80!
Enter Promotion Code SOSHIP at checkout for FREE SHIPPING!  Offer valid through 5/4.

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  4. Forever21 always has the BEST deals on goodies...LOVE'em!!

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  5. From the blog hop. Neat information.

  6. Very cute dress...too bad I was never that size to look so good in it! Anyway, thanks for stopping by Finger Click Saver and becoming a follower via NWB...greatly appreciated. I've come to make sure I was a follower of your's, and I was so I checked NWB...and I wasn't, but am now! Make it a great week, Nancy! Sue

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  8. This dress is amazing. I am not sure I can fit anymore!!lol.
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  9. Very cute dress.
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