Style, Decor & More: Found the Post for the $2.50 Jacket!

Found the Post for the $2.50 Jacket!

Remember I posted my deal on the Mossimo Motorcycle jackets I found for $2.50 at a local discount store?  Well, I just came across Cheap Chica's post from a while back!  This is the EXACT same jacket, but for over $30!  Check out Cheap Chica's post HERE!  I knew I saw a post on the jacket somewhere, but I couldn't remember where!
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  1. What a great find, I need you to be my personal shopper, you definitely know where to look! I am a new follower Nancy and your blog is so fun to read, I will visit often for fear I might miss something LOL. I M JeanneG from The Learning Curve I am a quilter and love doing it so much. I mainly just do what I want to with quilts, no particular pattern in mind, just make it up as I go you might say.
    Anyway, have a great Monday and drop over and follow if you like. I M JeanneG The Learning Curve


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