Style, Decor & More: How To Boost Your Beauty & Style For Thanksgiving and The Holiday Season!

How To Boost Your Beauty & Style For Thanksgiving and The Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is almost here and you’re probably going to be spending time with loved ones, preparing a wonderful feast or attending get-togethers. Looking good and feeling great should be part of your holiday itinerary! Here are easy tips to achieve a boost of beauty and confidence for Thanksgiving as well as the upcoming festive season.

Get Radiant Skin

You might think using moisturizer is enough to seal in smoothness, but it’s not. Smooth skin that glows is a must for your holiday celebrations and one of the most important ways to achieve it is to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. This eliminates the barrier of flaky, dead skin so that your skin can absorb the nourishing moisturizer you apply to it.

Choose a gentle scrub or make your own with some sugar and honey to slough your skin. Pay attention to any rough or especially dry areas. Once you’re done, apply a creamy moisturizer to lock in that smoothness and keep your skin hydrated.

De-Puff Your Eyes!

The holiday season is usually packed with parties to attend, which can leave you feeling tired - and this could show up on your face in the form of puffy eyes. A good tip to illuminate your eye area and tackle any puffiness is to store your eye cream in the fridge. The cool temperature will be soothing to your skin. When applying eye cream, move from the outer corner of your eye to your nose so that you drain any fluid that has accumulated in the region.

Invite Colour to the Party

What better time to show off some colour than during the holidays? Thanksgiving is filled with gorgeous colours associated with the fall season, such as rich burgundy, toasty brown, and sumptuous red. Infuse your clothing choices with a few pops of colour to channel some festive spirit. This is also a great way to bring a fresh element to your neutral colour scheme: a burst of colour in a black or grey outfit is really eye-catching.

Go with a Statement Piece

Accessories really make your outfit, and choosing a statement piece that stands out is a great way to add style to your look. However, don’t be afraid to choose an item or piece of jewelry that is unusual. A great example of a statement piece to wear in the holidays is a vintage item of jewelry. Vintage engagement rings are highly popular and attractive pieces but you can find the vintage style in many different types of jewelry, such as bracelets and earrings. Vintage adds a unique element to your outfit and works well with modern fashion because it provides striking contrast.

Keep it Classy

It can be tempting to choose lots of different items to make you shine over the holidays, but remember that subtle glamour is the most attractive kind. When coordinating your outfit for Thanksgiving, critically look at all the shiny and eye-catching elements you want to wear. If you have too many, such as shimmery eye shadow, large diamonds, and a shiny gold bag, you need to tone down your style. Pick one or two pieces to avoid having too much going on which loses effect.

Accentuate Your Favourite Feature

When choosing holiday makeup, a good tip is to choose one feature of your face that you want to accentuate and then be bold with it. Perhaps it’s your beautiful eyes or lips. Choose a striking colour for this feature. One of the makeup trends for the season is that of wearing berry or red lips that adds a touch of glamour, while another is to apply a stroke of metallic shimmer on your eyes, whether it’s in the form of bronze, gold, or silver. When accentuating one feature, remember to keep the rest of your face minimal to create beautiful balance.

Choose Touches of Comfort

Thanksgiving and the festive season occur in the colder months, so you want to be comfortable as well as stylish. Choose clothing that evokes a sense of comfort. The great news is that there are many materials in fashion that will make you feel warm while ensuring you look fabulous. Examples include velvet and suede. Wearing suede ankle boots or a velvet scarf in a beautiful fall colour is an interesting touch that will also add a creative splash of style to your look.

Preparing for the upcoming celebrations is fun. You can achieve beauty easily with some style tips that will bring a dash of sparkle to your holidays.

Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer who lives in Southern California. She currently writes for beauty and fashion blogs, as well as continuing with her make-up artist career on the side. She loves to be active and loves to shop, what girl doesn’t?


  1. Im going to really try to accentuate my favorite feature this year and give myself a different look!

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